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New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church 
~ Bishop James H. Morton, Pastor ~
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Current Sermons 
With our new website, you now have the opportunity to purchase current and archived sermons preached by the anointed Bishop James H. Morton, the pastor of the New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church in Decatur, GA.

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 CD’s and DVD’s are available for purchase immediately after each Worship Service
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"When Brooks Dry Up - 1118 - I Kings 17:1
"The Touch" - 1218 - Mark 8:22
"The Power Of A Working Faith" - 1318 - James 2:26
"Faith In A Storm" - 1418 - Mark 4:35
"The People GOD Can Use" - 2118 - Judges 7:2
"Steeping On New Ground" - 2218 - Deuteronomy 11:24
"A Complete Makeover" - 2318 - Jeremiah 18:1
"Arise and Go Back Home" - 2418 - Luke 15:18
"Comfort Through Trusting In GOD" - 3118 - Isaiah 39:5,6
"The Lord Is My Light" - 3318 - Psalm 27:1
"GOD's Love" - 3418 - John 3:16
"Faith" - 4218 - John 20:29
"Ephphatha" - 4318 - Mark 7:31-35