JHM Outreach Ministries 
New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church​​

Bishop James H. Morton, Pastor 

The JHM Outreach Ministries are extensions of the Sunday Worship Service, Bible Study, and other services held at the New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church. As believers in Christ, we are all commissioned to go into all the world and spread the gospel to every living creature, and the mission of this ministry is to service our community by providing a vehicle to reach the unsaved and to uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  1. Bishop James H. Morton


As the founding pastor of the New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia, Bishop Morton has preached and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ for more than 50 years and through his vision from GOD, and as an act of FAITH, the New Beginning congregation has grown to over 2,000 worshippers.

A humbled and godly man, Bishop Morton's mission is to save souls.  He is an anointed vessel that believes in the power of praise and worship.  He is not only a dynamic preacher and teacher, but he is also an accomplished and world-renowned singer and musician.